Top 25 Internet Marketing Blogs (Number 2 Is My Favorite)

We always try to learn new things, visit famous and successful blogs, consulting with experts and join forums to seek an answer to our question. I compiled 25 Best Internet Marketing Blogs that I visit daily to learn new thing and for big exposure.

No one in this world is perfect, everyone has desired to do accurately. I am also student and hunger to get more and more knowledge about my field. Below, I mentioned some famous blogs where I learned a lot of things like How we can start a Blog? How can we make money online? How can we get traffic and build email lists? How can we launch our product or resource in the market?

 To get Successful in life, we must have vision and inspiration or motivation. When we have cleared vision,  we try to find people who already done this Job and quite successful. We try to follow them and practiced what they did in life.

Basic Purpose to share this amazing list of Internet Marketing Blogs that people know about my inspiration which blog I follow and try to practice them.


25 Internet Marketing Blogs You Must follow

There are millions of blogs on the internet and increase day by day. But, I only choose best 25 Blog which I love to read. These Blogs provide unique, fresh and in-depth content that readers always enjoying.

1. Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn

Smart Passive Income is founder by Pat Flynn in 2008. It shares strategies to run Online Business and help to make passive money online. Pat Flynn Shares his income report every month for motivation.

Pat Flynn is leader in field of Entrepreneur,Digital Marketing and life style business. He graduated from college with an architecture degree and start Job in architectural company. He has no plan to end the Job but he left Job in 2008 and start his own business.

2. Quick Sprout by Neil Patel

Quick Sprout is founded by Neil Patel in 2007. It focuses on Content Marketing, SEO Techniques, Digital marketing and Link building Techniques. Neil Patel always shared detailed in-depth report and case studies which help readers to understand more clearly.

This amazing man helps many companies like Amazon, NBC and HP to grow their revenues. Some famous magazines call him as Top Influencer on the Web.

3. Pro Blogger By Darren Rowse

Darren Rowse is the man behind ProBlogger. This Blog has 8000+ informative article on Start a blog, Content Creation, make money online techniques and building communities. It also has Podcasts and Job Board for Bloggers.

This man started a Blogging eBook Series and Blogging Books for newbies to become Professional Blogger.

4. Copy Blogger by Brian Clark

CopyBlogger focuses on Content marketing mastery.It has 334,000+ members which get free and fresh content about Content Creation and marketing. It does not teach about Content, it teaches how we can build the own company.

This Blog is not just about SEO, Social media and blogging, Email Blogging or Conversion. It is too much bigger than our imagination.

5. SEOMoz Blog By Rand Fishkin

MozSEO Blog is founded by Rand and his mother in 2004. This blog has the biggest giant in Search Engine Ranking. In 2005, Moz attempts to learn about SEO ranking factors and launch his premium tools which help to rank keywords.

Read more about Moz SEO Blog.

6. Shoe Money By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy SchoeMaker is the man who starts from unemployment to earning over 8 figures per month in less than 5 years. He started his free training programming to train newbies How we can money Online. 

The Iconic Google Adsense Check and my 10 years Journey After.

7. John Chow's Blog

John Chow is the man who starts a blog from zero to $40,000 per month by working 2 hours a day. He is Professional Blogger and Affiliate Marker with 200,000 readers.He featured as No.1 in the list of Top Canadians Internet Marketers. He is the author of Make Money Online Book which gets appreciation around the world. 


8.  Search Engine Journal by Loren Baker

Search Engine Journal is Blog about SEO Techniques, Google Algorithm news and latest Ranking Updates. This Blog guides us in Keyword research for Blogs and websites. It helps us in SEO and SMO campaign.  Lorren Baker is the Man behind SEJ.

9. Smart Blogger By Jon Morrow

Jon Morrow is the man behind this Smart Blogger. This blog helps beginners transform you into Smart and Pro Blogger by his Blogging, Content Marketing, SEO Viral Marketing Tips. It will also help you in List Building and Social Media Marketing.

10. Jeff Bullas's Blog

Jeff Bullas is Blogger, Internet Marketer, author and speaker. He helps personal brands to optimized their personal and company brands with emerging technology. He focuses on Content marketing, Social media technologies and digital marketing.

Why Social media and Traditional Marketing should stop Bitching?

11. Backlinko By Brian Dean

Backlinko Focus on SEO Training and Link Building Techniques. It will help you to increase your traffic drastic and clear the concepts of SEO. Brian Dean is internationally Recognized Entrepreneur and SEO Expert who started this Blog in 2010.

201 Power SEO Tips (Proven Methods) By Brian Dean.

12. Authority Hacker By Gael and Mark

Gael and Mark are the minds behind Authority Hacker. This Blog will help you to create authority websites and build Online Community. They always share Case studies on Internet and Content marketing which help readers to get motivated. Their most Popular post is How to make money from ClickBank in 2016 with examples.  

13. Niche Hacks By Stuart Walker

Niche Hacks provide free resources to Bloggers and Internet Marketers about Blogging, Amazon, Niche Research, Affiliate Marketing and real time case studies. Niche Hacks is founded by Stuart Walker in 2014. Niche Hacks is the biggest platform which helps you to find niches for your Blog.

14. ShoutmeLoud By Harsh Aggerwal

ShoutmeLoud was founded by Harh Aggarwal in 2008. ShoutmeLoud is the best platform to learn about Blogging, SEO and Making Money Online especially for newbies. It has 8,00,000+ Subscribers Worldwide. I love this blog due to simplicity and updates on daily basis.

Harsh Started another WordPress Free Setup Blog which shares tips and techniques about WordPress.

15. Blogging Cage by Kulwant Nagi

Kulwant Nagi started Blogging Cage in 2012. This Blog is focus on Blogging, SEO Guide, Make Money and WordPress. I love this Blog due to Kulwant Nagi’s Writing Style, Easy to understand and simple language. Blogging Cage Interview Series rocking and hel us to know about Best Bloggers and Internet marketers.

16. AamirIqbalOnline By Aamir Iqbal

Aamir Iqbal is the Man behind this Blog. He is self-taught Blogger, Internet Marketer and SEO Expert. I love this Blog because it sharing strategies about Affiliate Marketing, Youtube Marketing and Keyword Research in simple and easy ways. 

Beside this, Aamir Iqbal is the founder of Green Hat World and SEO Tool Station that helps millions of people around the globe. 

17. MyBloggerTricks By Mustafa AhmadZai

Mustafa Ahmad Zai is the mind behind My Blogger Tricks. He is from Pakistan and Blogger Guru. When I start Blogging in 2014, I learn each and everything about Blogging By reading his Blog. The beauty of MBT is, it shares tips and tricks of Blogging, SEO and Blogger Widgets and Plugins.

MBT is the best platform to learn about Blogger (Content Management System by Google). 

18. By Ali Raza

Ali Raza is Pakistan Top Google AdWords, Bing Ads and facebooks Marketing Campaign expert. This man started his Blog in 2015 and share his experience and strategies about Digital marketing and Freelancing. He shares his Blog Income report which includes all Past Months and future month updates.

19. Enstine Muki Blog

When I step into the field of Blogging, I daily visit Einstine Muki Blog to learn new tips about Blogging and Backlinks. Enstine’s way of writing is amazing and impressing. 

He is also the founder of BroadedNet and BlogExpose which helps bloggers to increase traffic.

20. AllBloggingTips By Ammar Ali

Ammar Ali is talented and Inspirational Blogger from Pakistan. He started his Blog ALLBloggingTips in 2011 at the age of 16. The first time, I come across this Blog through Google when I trying to find out Google Adsense Approval tips and tricks. I really enjoyed the reading. After this, I am big fan of Ammar Ali and AllBloggingTips.

21. Bloggers Passion By Anil Agarwal

Bloggers Passion is founded by Anil Aggarwal in 2014. BloggersPassion focuses on Blogging tips, WordPres tips, Make Money Online techniques and SEO tips. Recently, he started Bloggers Interview Series which inspired many of us.

22. Basic Blog Tips By ileane Smith

Ileana Smith is the amazing women behind BasicBlogTips, started in 2009.The basic purpose is to help Beginners in Blogging, SEO and Social Media. She also provides Video tutorials to help you to reach your goals and dreams.

23. OnlineUstaad By Abdul Wali

Abdul Wali Khan is the man behind OnlineUstaad. started in 2007 Abdul Wali is Pakistan Top Blogger, SEO Expert and trainer. He is self-taught Learner committed to his work.He started making Tutorials In Urdu, Hindi, Pashto and English to teach the world. he is Top Udemy Instructor which earns 1 Crore in One Year by teaching.

24. MyBloggerLab By Syed Faizan Ali

MyBloggerLab is the biggest Source to learn Blogger widgets and plugins, Blogging Tips and Make Money Online technique. MBL is founded by Syed Faizan Ali in 2012. He started this amazing website when he was 16 years old.

Faizan provides free Blogger Templates which are SEO Optimized, Responsive Design and Elegant Design.

25. BloggersIdeas By Jitendra Vaswani

BloggersIdeas is founded by Jitendra Vaswani in 2013. It provides resources for Blogging Tips, WordPress techniques , SEO Guide and Blogger Interview Series for motivation and inspiration for newbies Blogger.

Jitendra Vaswani is the founder of Digiexe which provides digital Marketing Solutions. He has 5+ experience in SEO and Digital Marketing.


Final Words!!

I hope that you liked Internet Marketing Blogs list, it takes to much time to create and almost tired me. I compiled this amazing list on the basis of my personal opinion may be it wrong. I included only those bloggers and internet marketers that I follow and try to Practise their blogging tips.

This list is not on the basis of Page rank, CA/DA, Alexa rank etc. I compiled the list only The Blogger I love and want to be on the list. I hope you enjoyed it.

Please share your favourite Internet Marketing Blogs, you follow and considered them as the guru. It helps us to make our list better for readers.

If you have any query or Question, Please share with Us in Comment Section, your feedbacks are really appreciated.

Ahmad Naeem

Computer Engineer, passionate Blogger and Web Developer from Pakistan. You can read more about me.

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