25 Ideas To Make Money Online at Home with Zero Investment

Do You really want to Make Money Online at home without Investment? If yes, then You are a right place to get Ideas to make money at home.

Are you get excited to know about money making ideas?

To earn money and to become rich is a dream for everyone. But only a few people succeed  in their dreams. But don’t worry, I will share 25+ Ideas to make money online at home with zero investment.

We live in a modern world where technology changes day by day. We can do everything by sitting in the room with the help of Computer and Internet Connection. We can connect everyone by just one click. The world is full of talented peoples that always be ready to help and guide you.


To be honest, I want to say that Money your earned is depends on your skills and commitment. If you have strong skills and commitment, you will earn more. Commitment does not mean that You just tell yourself "I will do it or I can do it". Here commitment means "Actions".

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'! 

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Some Peoples ask questions about skills, what skills we need to learn. I frankly speaking, Do something which you love. Always follow your passion. Everything is possible but you have the commitment to do.

Some skills you will learn easily to make money online.

  • Writing and Translation
  • Web Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Programming Languages
  • Graphics Designing 
  • Image and Video Editing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Apps Development

Make Money Online at Home

Now we start discussing ideas to make money at home with zero investment.All mentioned methods are verified, trusted and tried many people. They are all making the handsome amount of money,


1st Method to make money online is Blogging. Blogging means to create website or Blog and share regular content on it. Some people think that Blogging is not a career, we can do it as Hobby or part time. People earned millions of dollars from blogging.

Before start Blogging You should think some questions in your mind like

What Idea and Niche is Best to start a Blog?

How do You setup Your Blog or Website?

How do You get traffic to Your Blog?

How do You Monetize Your Blog to make Money Online?

How you rank your website on 1st Page of Google?

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing means to sell other People products and get a commission. There are many Affiliate Marketer which makes millions of dollars from this technique.You need to find a product which you like and promote it on Social media or Blog.

The Beauty of Affiliate Marketing is that You don’t need to create a product by investing time and money.You just promote a product and earned a commission.

1st Question comes in Mind that from where We can get Products for promotion.Below I shared Some examples for you.

  • Hosting Companies like Hostgator, Godaddy, BlueHost, InMotion Hosting etc
  • Promote WordPress themes on Themeforest, Genesis, Thrive Themes and mythemeshop etc
  • Get Products from JVZoo, ClickBank and Amazon etc

Freelancing - Paid For Work

Freelancing is a word derived from Freelancer which means a person which is self-employed and be his own Boss. He will get Projects Online and complete it to make money. To start freelancing, you must expert and committed in his work. Without any skills, You could not succeed in this area.

Highest payed Freelancer Jobs You can do at Home easily.

  • Marketing
  • Programming
  • Writing
  • SEO
  • Photography
  • Voice Acting
  • Infograhics Designer
  • Translation
  • Internet Security
  • Apps Development

Famous websites You should Join to start Freelancing

  • Freelancer
  • Upwork
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Fiverr
  • Toptal

Online Tutoring - Virtual Assistant 

If you have passion and knowledge to teach, then you should be Teacher. You can generate handsome amount of money by teaching online. Tutor business is perfect to work online at home and everyone is looking for such opportunity. 

By teaching online, You can polish your skills and help students in their exams and assignment to get Good grades. Now question is from where you start your Virtual teacher Career.Don’t worry, We share list of websites which offer Online Tutor marketplace where teachers and students meet.

  • PrestoExperts.com
  • Tutor.com
  • TutorVista.com
  • Fiverr.com
  • Elance.com
  • Craigslist.org

VBlogging - Video Making

You should not consider videos as just for Entertainment Purpose, you can make money with Videos Now a days. You need to create Videos and upload on YouTube. You start making money by monetizing these videos with ads.

YouTube is World largest Video Websites and 2nd Largest Search Engine after Videos. 400 Hours video upload every minutes. YouTube start its monetization programme. You just sign up as YouTube Partner and connect with Google Adsense. Keep in mid that You videos should be unique, otherwise YouTube does not pay you.

How we can start make money Online by Making Videos?

  • Choose a topic for YouTube Channel
  • Buy a Webcam to shoot Videos
  • Editing Your Videos and Start Uploadinhg
  • Enable Monetization for Videos
  • Start Promotion by Sharing on Social media
  • Update on Regular basis

25 Ideas to Make Money Online at Home with Zero Investment

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Selling Online eBooks

If you are Professional Writer or new, You can make money by writing an eBooks. With the help of Amazon Kindle and iPad, It makes easy for writers. 

Need to write an eBook, you need to choose Hot topic, Design Attractive Cover page, Put Catchy Headlines and start Selling on Amazon Kindle eBook Store. 

Guest Posting on Famous Blogs

Guest Posting means writing and publishing article on someone else blog free or paid. By Guest Posting You can make money Online, Make Your worth in market, Link back to your websites and capture Audience Attention.

I will share two method to make money by Guest posting.

If you have high Authority Blog or Website, you can offer Paid Guest posting. I know many people who earned huge amount of money from this method.

Beside this, If you are good freelance writer you can make huge money by writing for other blogs. Everyone here is looking for unique and effective content for their readers. You should contact these websites and share your content with them. Below some example which payout money for Guest posting

  • TopTenz
  • ListVerse
  • Stretcher
  • Wow Women On Writing
  • Writers Weekly

Flipping - Sell Websites

Website Flipping is one of the most Important technique to make money online. Many Pro internet Marketers and Bloggers are making handsome amount of money.

Flipping means to buy something at lower price and sell it on higher price. As, You can earn profit. You also establish your website and sale it on Flippa.

Flippa is world Largest Marketplace for Buying and Selling Websites and Mobile Apps.You need following features if you want to sale your website on flippa.

  • Must Have significant Traffic 
  • Must generate some money
  • Future Potential and Growth is maximum

Develop Mobile Applications

You can make money by Developing Mobile Application. You need to be Good Programmer and Developer for this technique. Technology changes day by day, Everyone has smartphone and internet Connection.

You can make money by selling apps, through Advertisement and hired by Company. You should be perfect and brilliant in your wok.

If you love coding, then move to this field.Otherwise choose other 24 ways that are waiting you. You can learn Apps Development from TutoiralPoint, AndroidHive and many other blog.

Below some apps which make million of dollars from Sponsored Content, advertisement or Selling Paid Apps.

  • Clash of Clans
  • Angry Birds
  • Design this Home
  • Pokeman Go

Sell Physical Products Online

You can sell your Physical Products Online and earn huge amount of profit.Online Physical Product advantages such that you access wider audience and market your Products to International Market.

You should follow these simple steps to start a Online Selling Business.  

  • Create a Product which you want to sell
  • Sourcing Products on Location
  • Deal with Drop Shipping Companies
  • Setup Online Store or use third party Store
  • Launch and market your Products

Sell Your Photos

Think in mind that You can earn money with your Hobby.Yes, You can make money Online by selling Photos Online. If you are a photographer, love to travel around the world and you must capture photos. You can make money by selling these photos online.

These are many companies which submit your photos for Digital World to buy. These companies called Micro Stock Photo Agencies. These companies provide images to Designer and Big Magazine for Publishing.  

Top websites which helps to sell your Photos online. 

  • Dreamstime.com
  • Fotolia.com
  • GettyImages.com
  • ShutterStock.com

TeeSpring - Selling T-Shirts

TeeSpring is a platform which allows users to design and sell Tee shirts without any risk and Investment. I think it’s best ways to make money by your designs and t-shirts.

How can you make money by Selling Tshirts on TeeSpring?

  • Design T-shirt and Launch Campaign  
  • Set Goals: How much shirts do you sell Online?
  • Add Brief title and description of T-shirts
  • Share it on Social media.

Fiverr - World Largest Freelancing Marketplace

Fiverr is World Largest Freelancing Marketplace where buyers and seller meet. Fiverr changes the concept of freelancing and it made easy for beginners nd newbies.

You can start to make money from $5 to Unlimited. The available services range from Graphics Designing, Digital Marketing and Web Development.

All services offered on Fiverr called “Gigs”. You can find anything on Fiverr. By selling Your services, you need to create gigs with proper title and description. Start Promotion your services on Social media.

Reviews Websites and Apps

If you are a good writer, Used Apps and love to listen to music. You can make money by reviewing Music and Mobile Application.We introducing UserTesting, a new platform that pays every day by reviewing apps and websites.

Online Paid Surveys

It is the most popular way for students to make money by Online Survey in free time. Research companies always try to find such people who test and survey their new products.

In few minutes of form filling, You can make handsome amount of money up to $10 per survey or question answering.

  • Toluna.com
  • Swagbucks.com
  • Vvatic.com
  • Paid-Surveys-At-Home.com

25 Ideas to Make Money Online at Home with Zero Investment

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Play Online Game to Make Money

It seems funny to hear that You can make money by playing Online Games. Yes, we can earn handsome amount. Your entertainment plus money how you feel that.

Keep in mind that an average gamer can’t make enough money for living. You must be a professional gamer to step into this business. 

How we find websites which offer make money by Playing Online games?

  • SwagBucks.com
  • WorldWinner.com
  • PaidGamePlayer.com

Buy and Sell Expired Domains

Buy and Selling Expired domains are great business, rise from 2015. You can make huge money by selling High Authority domains to others. If you are selling 5-10 Domains per month, You can make $200 – $500 easily.

Multiple websites are here to help you to find High PA/DA websites. Below some websites from where you can find good domains for selling.

  • Expireddomains.net
  • Domcop.com
  • Freshdrop.com
  • Expired-Domains.co

If you want to start Buy and Selling Expired domain Business. You should check something before buying domains.

  • Always check PA/DA of domain before buying
  • Check Domain with Google banned checker
  • Check Google Adsense Ban
  • Check Backlinks type of domain

Clickbank - Sell People's Product

Clickbank is another affiliate Marketplace where affiliate marketers and creators to sell their products without any paperwork and agreements.

It is place where affiliate marketer get products links and promote on Social media or other source, try to sale the products and get commission from it.

Advantage of Clickbank that it offers almost 75% commission on product selling but has high competition in popular products. You can sell their products on many countries as well.

How find great product for sale?

  • Product Low cost initial offer up to 3 upsales
  • Product must have video sales page and native sales page
  • Product with good reviews
  • Gravity must be above 20

Graphics Desiging

If you are a good graphics designer and know about Adobe Photoshop tools, then no one can stop you to make millions of dollars Online. Today, there is huge demand of Good Graphics designer which can make Logos, Business Cards, Websites, Brochures, flyers etc

The beauty of this method is that You can demand money and people are ready to pay you because it’s Good graphics designer difficult o find. So make money online by Graphics designing and polish your skills.

Some websites which offer Graphics Designing marketplace for Designers.

  • Creative Market
  • Envato Market
  • Fiverr.com
  • Upwork.com
  • Etsy

Instagram - Make Money Online

Instagram world best Photo sharing social networking Platform. It has 300+ Million Users with 70+ million Photos and Videos sharing every day. It is hard to believe that many people’s earned thousand of buck using Instagram. We use this as fun and entertainment but people convert it into successful Business.

To make money from Instagram, you need two things one is Followers and other is Sponsors. You can increase your follower by sharing interesting Photos.

How we can earn money by using Instagram?

  • Sell your Instagram photos to brands.
  • Earn Commission by selling other people product.
  • Try to capture email subscribers and sale them
  • Join multi-level Marketing Company to build your team
  • Connect with Advertisers to start their promotion.

Udemy - Sell Online Courses

Udemy is learning and teaching marketplace where 4000+ courses available for 12 million students (Free or Paid). You don’t need a domain name and hosting to start this business. 

You need to be Good teacher and tutor to make money by selling your Courses Online. Following gadgets and devices are required to start Online Courses.

  • Computer/Laptop
  • Decent Microphone
  • Screen Recording Software
  • Video Editing Software

Buy and Sell Facebook Pages

If you are a social media expert, you can make huge amount by selling their social media Pages having million of the follower. Nowadays, this business is very common, People promote Facebook Pages, get Million of likes and sell it on the high price.

URL Shortner - Sharing on Social Media

You can make money online by sharing short URL’s on Social media. There are several websites which offer short URL services and pay you handsome amount.

How we find Highest Paying Shortener URL Company to earn money?

  • Linkshrink.net
  • Ouo.io
  • Shorte.st
  • Adf.ly

Internet Surfing and Browsing

I know what are you thinking? Yes, We can make money by Web browsing and surfing. We daily visit almost hundred of websites to get knowledge or information. Now it’s time to turn your fun into money making machine. Below are some websites which offer this services.

  • PaymentSurf.com
  • HitLeap.com

Forex Trading

Before starting You must know about Forex trading. Forex trading is a business in which we buy and sell currencies in the international market. In this business model, we buy currency at the lowest price. When market raises, these currencies are going to sell at a high price.

Wrapping Up!!

I hope that You like 25 Ideas to make money online at home with zero Investment. All above methods are tested and verified, many people earned handsome amount using these methods. 

You need to choose one or two methods and start to make money. You must have skills and dedication to step into Online World.

If you have any Question or know any other methods to make money online at home. Please share with us in Comment Section. Your feedbacks and comments are really appreciated.

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