How To Start A Blog Like A Boss

Waooo, You are planned to start a Blog. Really Impressive.

I am very happy that You want to start your own Blog. Now a days, Creating a blog is easy, we can do it live in few minutes without programming skills and knowledge.

If you want to be Pro Blogger, then you need to get started on right path.A wrong turn can damage you more.


What You Will Learn In This Guide?

  • What is Blog?
  • Why You need to start a Blog and what are the advantages of Blogging?
  • How to choose best Niche for Your Blog?
  • Choose Your blogging Platform Blogger or WordPress?
  • How to choose Domain Name for Blog?
  • How to choose Web Host for Blog?
  • How to install WordPress on web host?
  • How choose Perfect theme for blog?
  • How to start writing for Blog, Get Post Ideas by Brainstorming.
  • How Generate traffic to Blog and increase like skyrocket?
  • How You can make money online from Blog?

I hope that you are excited to read this Guide on How we can start a blog in just 10 minutes. Before starting Guiding, you should clear some concepts about Blog, Blogging and Blogger.

What is Blog?

A blog (short from WeBlog) is frequently updated online personal diary and general. It is the place where you can express yourself to the world by writing.Blogs generally represent the personality of the author.

What does Wikipedia say about Blog?

A blog (a truncation of the expression weblog) is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete entries (“posts”) typically displayed in reverse chronological order (the most recent post appears first).

Blog Terminologies

  • Blog: A Journal or Diary that are on the Internet.
  • Blogger: A Person which keeps and write the Blogs.
  • Blogging: The action of writing a blog.

Why You Should Start a Blog?

In our short life, we should try each and every thing that we love. In future, we don’t feel regret why I am not doing this. In my life, I embraced different hobbies as Diary Writing, Playing Bedminten, Video Games , Creating animated Videos etc. These are all give me satisfaction.

Each day, about 180,000 blog are created. Two blogs on each second. Now, You think Should I start a blog?

I start blogging in first year of Engineering and I love this. From now, I continue it. Create many blogs for learning purpose. I many times failed to write blogs but I will never quite it.

Here are some reasons which motivates you to start a blog successfully.

  • It helps you to become good writer.
  • It helps you to learn new thing and think clearly.
  • It helps you to build confidence and you can speak more logical
  • It helps you to build audience and you can help other peoples.
  • You can make money online from Blogging.
  • You can meet new peoples of your field.
  • It helps you to advance your resume

How To Choose Best Niche For Blog?

You have decided, You can start a blog and want to make money online. The Question raise in mind, Which topic or niche is best for you? You need to choose such topic for your blog which you love and you can go deeper in it.You must passionate about your niche.

When you start something that you love then magical things happens in your life.

  • You put more time and effort in your blog to shine out.
  • You have thousands of ideas to publish on.
  • Your writing style can impress others and readers feel that you love this.

For Example, WordPress and android are your passion and you want to write about these topics. Now, we find that Are these niches are profitable or not?

Best Keyword Suggestion Tools

(a) Google Keyword Planner (Free)

Google keyword planner is the best free tool in the market owned by Google. It gives you exact searches of your keyword and trends in the market. It provides your relevant 800 keyword suggestion with exact monthly searches and Cost Per Action (CPC).

(b) Semrush (paid)

Semrush is the best tool for finding the keyword with competitions analysis. You can get many functionalities like site auditing, keyword difficulty score and estimate traffic. The best part of this amazing tool is, you can check competitors keywords what they are targeting.

Get One Month of SEMrush PRO for free here

(c) Long Tail Pro (Paid)

Long is also must used and trusted Keyword research tool for many bloggers and entrepreneur. You can get bunlde of keyword ideas with monthly searches and CPC. You can analyse competition of your keywords. You can find keywords using filters like Words count, Monthly Searches and competition.

Get 10 Day Trail for Just $1

(d) Ubersuggest (Free)

Ubersuggest helps you to get tons of keyword suggestion in seconds. You can get thousands of keyword ideas.

Choose Blogging Platform: Blogger or WordPress

When you decide to start a blog, many decisions are taken before starting this.  Now, Question is Which is Best Platform to start your blog?

There are many such platforms available on internet which provide us opportunity to start Blog.Please take a look of below explained platforms which helps you to choose best blogging platform.

1. is best choice for hobby bloggers who do not want to invest money. It has limited features but free of cost. We can upgrade it to self-hosted blog in future.


  • Free of Cost, no setup Charges
  • Simple to use, No coding skills required
  • Hundred of free themes for blog


  • Limited functionality until you upgrade
  • Look less professional
  • Little control over Blog
  • Your site come with .wordpress in domain


Free Software for use but need hosting for blog (Approximately $3 Per month) is most used Blogging platform. You need to install WordPress on third party Server. You have full control over your blog. You can install plugins and themes on Blog as well as from thirty party vendors. You can edit your HTML and CSS to look more professional. There are many companies which provide hosting for WordPress. But I suggest you BlueHost, InMotion Hosting and Hostgator.


  • Full Control over Blog with Customization Option
  • 2500+ Free WordPress themes and 15000+ WordPress Plugins directory.
  • SEO Friendly Options


  • Need third party hosting to Host your WordPress files.
  • You must understanding of Programming.
  • Due to popularity, WordPress is vulnerable threats

Note: You can Buy Cheap Hosting from Inmotion Hosting (Approximately $5 per Month)

3. Blogger

Free blogging platform owned by Google. You have access to google tools like Adsence, Webmaster and Analytics.You can put AdSence ads to your Blogger website but it is not flexible and user-friendly than This is best blogging platform for those who want to earn money from ads and not ready to invest money on business.


  • Free and Easy to Use for beginners
  • You can place ads on your site
  • Full Access to HTML code, You can modify it.
  • We can add third party themes to blog
  • It is more secure than other platfroms


  • You have no control over blog, Google owned your Blogger.
  • Your blog depends on Blogger Platform
  • Blog has .blogspot in title
  • Limited functionalities and customization.

In my Opinion, is Best Blogging platform. When I start blogging, I have not enough money to invest, I start with Blogger and then move to WordPress. WordPress has more functionalities and features than others. Top Internet Marketers and Bloggers also preferred WordPress over any other Blogging platform.

Choose Domain Name For your Blog

Now, you think that “How people find you on Internet and accessed you over web?

Basically, Domain name is used for this purpose. It is name of your website on Internet and people access you using domain name. For Example., etc

1. Few things Keep in mind before buying Domain Name

When you are going to buy a domain name, some important points you need to remember in mind.

(a) Use Keywords

You need to use Keywords in Your domain name that describes your blog best. Basically, Domain name reflects off your product and Services.

(b) Try to Choose Short Name

Always try to choose such name which is simple and short. Everyone can easily understandable.

(c) Easy to Remember

Your domain name must be easy to remember because your visitors type a domain name in the browser for revisiting.

(d) Avoid Hyphens, Numbers and digits

Try not to use Hyphens , Numbers and digits in the domain name. It sometimes awkward  to remember.

(e) Domain Name extension

When you are going to buy a domain name, try to get .com  , net , org  domain respectively.

2. Domain Name Registrars (Recommended)

Domain Name Registrar are companies which manage the Internet Domain reservation. A domain name companies are accerdited by the Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) and country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) registry.

There are many companies which offer domain names at cheap price. On internet world, there are many scams, every 3 months new domain registrars come and disappear. You can buy domain names buy using these companies.

  • Godaddy: One of best and most trusted domain registrar on web. You can buy domain name with trust and satisfaction. I also buy many domain names from this company.
  • NameCheap: You can buy domain name from this reputed company at cheap price. You can get 2 domain with 1 domain price.
  • 1and1: It offers you free domain name for one year and after you need to pay $15 per domain.
  • InMotion: Currently, I hosted my blog on this amazing company and buy domains from InMotion.

3. Tools for generating domain name ideas

There are so many free tools are available in market which helps us to get ideas for domain name for blog.Here we compiled some best tools for generating ideas for our domain names to start a blog.

  • Domainr: It is innovative web tool which help you to generate TLD domain name ideas.
  • NameBoy: It is popular domain name generator which takes Primary Word and Secondary word and generate thousands of Ideas.
  • DomainBot: It is most advanced search engine for domain name which give you more customized and refined searches.

Choose Web Hosting For Your Blog

Web Hosting is an important factor for getting Online Success.Web Hosting is actually a place where we stored our website files and folders. Domain Hosting is different from web hosting. Domain hosting which provides domain names only. For Storing files, we need web hosting.

Web hosting is only required when we decide to start a blog using whereas Blogger and offer free hosting for users but with limited features and control.

When I start my blogging career back in 2013, I start with Blogger and after one year moved to and buy hosting from Godaddy. It is my biggest bad experience with this Hosting Companies. After facing difficulties, I decide to move on Hostgator, I am happy with their services and enjoying their services almost one year. My friend suggests me to buy from InMotion Hosting and Now a days, I use this awesome company with their 24/7 server uptime and live support.

Few things keep in mind before buying Web Hosting for Blog

Every company in the market has some features and parameters on which they provide you Web Hosting to their customers. Before buying hosting, you must consider the following thing in mind.

(a) Price

When you are going to buy hosting, the price is the first factor which helps you to choose to host. Before buying, you must check your budget. Don’t buy hosting with too much price or very low price. Try to buy hosting by a range of $3 to $7 per month.

(b) Tech Specification and Limitation

When you decide to buy the host, please check the hosting specification. What kind of features they provide you and what limitations imposed on you. Check that they provide you cPanel and other Softwares which helps you to install scripts on the server.

(c) Features Add-One

Must check that In future, If you decide to upgrade, there must be the feature of Upgrading our system to our requirements.

(d) Technical Support

It is also one of the most important factors, Sometimes, web hosting creates the issue, You must check their technical support helps you 24/7 or not.

(e) Customer Review and Satisfaction

Please must ensure that their clients are happy with them or not. There are many websites which provide user reviews and rating for their services.

Web Hosting Companies (Recommended)

There are many companies in the market which provide Web Hosting for Blogs. Web Hosting functionalities change with company policies. Some companies offer more features in low price and some companies only frauds. So, you must take care of it.Below, we share some web hosting companies, which are trusted and working from last 20 years and have the good reputation in the market.

(a) BlueHost

One of the older web host working from 1996. Almost 856,000 Bloggers hosted their blogs on this company host. Its price started from $3 and increase according to your features and functionality. It offers you 1-click install WordPress functionality.

(b) Hostgator

It is most popular hosting companies hosted more than 8 million websites around the globe. With 1-click WordPress Installation, 99.99% uptime and guarantee and 24/7 support for their valuable customers.

(c) InMotion Hosting

I personally use this company services and proud to say that I am very happy with that. Its Hosting prices started from $6. It also provides 1-click Software installation, 99% uptime and awesome support. It also gives us email client setup for websites.


How to Choose Perfect WordPress Theme for Blog/Website?

In this section, I will explain how we can choose perfect WordPress for the blog which looks professional. The blog is the representation of you. So you must choose perfect resources for your blog.

We can create any kind of website using WordPress. There are thousands of themes in the market but you need to choose such themes which are SEO optimized, fast loading Speed, responsive design and professional look.

Few Things keep in mind before choosing WordPress Theme

While choosing WordPress theme, you must remember this proverb “All that glitters is not a Gold”

(a) Theme Must be Simple

There are many themes in the market which have a lot of colors, complex layouts and animation which sometimes feels awkward. Simplicity has no comparison. Choose such theme which is simple, easy to use and looks professional.

(b) Responsive Design

Choose a theme which is responsive. Responsive design means theme working fine and looks professional on every device. After latest google update, google penalized such websites which are not mobile friendly.

You can use Google Mobile-Friendly Test free to test responsive design.

(c) It must Support WordPress Plugins

The Strength of WordPress with their WordPress Plugins. It helps to make possible everything with your websites. You must ensure that Your decided theme must be compatible with WordPress Plugins.

(d) Compatible with SEO Features 

SEO is an important factor in Blogging. Some Good looking themes are not SEO friendly because they are poorly HTML coded. Must choose such WordPress theme which is SEO optimized and having Fast loading speed.

WordPress Themes Providers (Recommended)

There are many WordPress theme providers in the market which provide professional looking WordPress themes. But I recommend you below given WordPress Providers.

(a) Studio Press (Genesis Framework)

It is established in 2007, won worldwide recognition design for their design and functionalities. Genesis framework is the backbone of StudioPress WordPress themes. It is most used Blogging WordPress themes which are excellent SEO optimized.

(b) Thrive Themes

Thrive themes have a range of conversion focused WordPress themes, Plugins and Visual editor. I personally used Focus Blog WordPress theme by Thrive themes which are simple and SEO optimized.

(c) Themeforest

Themeforest provides thousands of premium WordPress themes from different authors. Themeforest is the biggest marketplace for designers, developers and bloggers. You can get any kind of WordPress theme and plugins from here.

Start Writing for Blog - Brainstorming Blog Post Ideas

In this section, we discuss about Content Writing. “Content is King” as many experts say. You should write content for readers not search engines. You must understand for your audience what they want, choose a topic and select catchy headline and start writing.

To start a blog, you must plan content for audience, make rough sheet, write focused keywords or article.

Blog Post Ideas For Blog

Before writing content, you must list of post that you published on the blog. There are many ideas to write content for the blog. But we share some ideas which help you to increase your traffic like the skyrocket.

(a) List Post

It is the simple list of items, products and tools. People are loving list posts nowadays.

Example: (1) Top 25 Internet Marketing blogs for readers. (2) 25 Ideas to Make Money Online from Home

(b) How-To Post

Next one is “How To” posts for the reader.

Example: How to Write an effective Blog post for the reader?

(c) Problem/Solution Posts

Whatever your niche, try to check the problems and start finding their solutions.Start writing about these problems with their solution.

(d) Comprehensive Guides

Start writing “Comprehensive Guide” for the readers. About 2500+ Words must contain in this guide. It is most shareable content over the internet.

Example: “Comprehensive Guide to Link Build Strategies”

(e) Case Studies

It is the practical implementation of your strategies to get huge success in it. Start to writing about these strategies inform of Case Studies with Proofs screenshots.

Example: [Case Study] How I Made $9,954.79 In 5 Days, From An Affiliate Product, Using Fill In The Blank Email Templates


  • Start Interview Series of famous Bloggers and Entrepreneurs.
  • Start writing about products and services reviews.

Generate Traffic To New Blog

To start a blog is very easy but to get magnificent traffic is hard Job. Your Blog is nothing without traffic. There are a lot of opportunities to get traffic for Blog. I want to say that Getting traffic is art for many peoples. In the market, there a lot of guides and videos which help you and start making money online from traffic.

Increase Blog Traffic techniques

In this section, I will share some actionable tips which help you to get traffic to you new Blog. All these techniques are tested and verified by many experts.

(a) Make Your Blog Content SEO-Friendly

Search engines are great opportunity to get the huge amount of traffic to your blog free. While setup blog and writing content, you should consider some techniques which boost your blog traffic. SEO categorize into two different terms: On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. Some people ignore this amazing technique, there a lot of SEO Agencies which helps you in search engine optimization.

Source: Google blog

(b) Start Sharing on Social media Websites

When Your content is ready, start to sharing on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. These websites have million of users active daily. You need to setup an account or page for Your business with proper description and catchy profile images. You need to share your content on daily basis.

Also,Add the call to action statement which encourages your readers to share your valuable content on Social media.

(c) Send Periodic Email Newsletter to Your Subscribers

You should build a list of subscribers and send them periodically email for latest contents. It helps you to pull a lot of traffic to your blog. Email is the best way to increase your product sales directly from their inbox. You just need to setup campaign and start to send email automatically.

There are a lot of email Marketing platforms in market But I personally used MailChaimp. It is cheap for beginners and has a lot of features. To capture email subscribers, I use Thrive Leads by Thrive Themes best WordPress plugin in the market with the lowest price.

(d) Writing Guest Post on famous blogs

Guest Posting is the process of writing for other blogs and websites for free and in return, you will get backlinks to your website. You write the blog post in your niche related sites. Guest Posting will help you to increase traffic as well as boost your ranking.

You can find easily websites for Guest posting by

  • keyword “submit a guest post”
  • keyword “guest post”
  • keyword “guest post by”
  • keyword “accepting guest posts”
  • keyword “guest post guidelines”

Note: Try to find such Blogs which have High DA and PA

Make Money From Your Blog

You setup a blog, post valuable content and drive the huge amount of traffic to your Blog. Now it’s time for you to make money online from your blog.

When I try to find money making ways from the blog, I come across this amazing pictures from ProBlogger. I think it is worth sharing for the reader. In one picture, Sir Darren Rows included all methods to earn money from Blog.


Sources: ProBlogger

Final Words

It is all about How we can start a blog like a boss. I explain each and everything which is associated with blog creation from Just idea to Make money. Start a Blog is an easy to step but to get managed is hard.

I hope that you like this Guide which includes finding niches, Domain and Hosting concepts, Installing WordPress, Choosing best themes and plugins, writing content, drive traffic and make money from blog.

I request you to please give me feedback in the comment section about this guide. It helps me to improvements and increases my reader’s knowledge.Your comments are really appreciated.

Click on Social media Icons to share on Social media Websites. Thanks.

Ahmad Naeem

Computer Engineer, passionate Blogger and Web Developer from Pakistan. You can read more about me.

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Well you have shared some important points to consider while starting a blog. I think the most important step to take while starting a blog is having consistency to do so we need to pick a niche which we are passionate about.


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